Welcome to Grade 3 / 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Mrs. Anderberg's grade 3 classroom!  I am excited to be with all of you!

Communication is a very important part of the third grade. I encourage you to talk daily with your child. Check the planner each day to see the general idea of how our day was filled. You can also check if your child has any homework. Then sign at the bottom. The planner is also perfect for messages to and from home and school. I check them every morning and add notes for anything special you might need to know. Through your support and mine, each child is bound to have a successful year!

Contact information
email:  anderberg@lp.k12.mn.us ;
School Office Phone Number:  395-2521 (message will be delivered to me)

Mission Statement
"To develop every learner to the learner's maximum potential, to succeed and continue to learn in a changing world."
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