9th Grade Physical Education

9th Grade Physical Education


Instructor: Matt Thode E-mail: thode@lp.k12.mn.us School Phone: 320-395-2521 Ext 1173


Course Description:

Physical Education 9 is a required course and a vital part of a complete education. Students will learn and refine all skills needed to adhere to the Minnesota physical education state standards and benchmarks. Students will be expected to participate in a number of activities as well as demonstrate an understanding of fitness concepts. Good sportsmanship and attitude will be expected during all activities at all times.  


Physical Education Activities:

-Fitness Testing      -Recreation Games       -Basketball                    -Kickball

-Football                         -Softball                         -Floor Hockey               -Individual Sports     

-Weight Lifting                -Disc Golf                       -Dance                         -Team Sports

-Speedball              -Lacrosse                       -Soccer           -Dual Sports

-Frisbee       -Badminton             -Bowling           -Yard Games

             -Volleyball                       -Pickleball                      -Handball                      -Cardiovascular Exercise

Materials needed for this course:

  • You are REQUIRED to be prepared for class each day by having a change of clothes, which allows you to function athletically and promotes good hygiene.
    • Appropriate clothing include: shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, warm clothing for outside and athletic shoes.
    • Failure to dress appropriately will impact your grade.
  • Locks will be provided for all students and are mandatory.
    • Free of Charge
    • If you lose your lock, it will be $10 to replace it.
    • Lock Up Your Stuff

Points of Emphasis & Requirements

  • Participation in all activities is required and is vital to physical education.
  • No phones or headphones/earbuds should be used during PE or in the locker room.
  • Good sportsmanship is a must, poor sportsmanship will not be allowed.
  • You need to be in the gym for attendance before the 8:15 bell. Failure to do so will result in a tardy.
  • Please treat everyone and everything with respect at all times.



Grading Scale         Students will be graded on the following:

90% - 100% A - Class Participation    

80% - 89% B - Attitude & Behavior     

70% - 79% C - Understanding Concepts

60% - 69% D - Appropriately Dressed

Below F                                                  - Online Participation/Written Quizzes




If a student misses a day(s) they will be responsible for submitting a make-up online via email. Online make-up guidelines are located in your PE Google Classroom.  Only excused absences can be made up. Only 3 absences total can be made up (Unless prior authorization is obtained). 

-You have 1 week to complete make-ups. After 1 week, you can not make it up.


Final Thoughts: This is an activity-based class therefore students should expect to be active during the class period.  Students should be prepared to openly experience new activities.  Remember to be safe, responsible and respectful.






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