Hi everyone,

Ok... HERE WE GO... Distant Learning is on!

What music students need to know:
Elementary Students... Each of your grade levels are at the left. Each week, a video will be posted with activities or lessons. Links to those videos will be in your grade link. 

If there are sheets or supplements, I'll have links to those too.... like the BINGO SHEET! See it up there on the left? You'll be able to use it for the activities in WEEK ONE!

Choir Students... Most of our work will be through Google Classroom. However, if there are materials or information you need, I'll email you and you can link to the tab at the left.

How and When to Contact Mr. Rue:
When I'm available...  9AM to 11:30AM  then 12 Noon to 3PM
How to contact me... 
By Phone: 320 395 3009
By Email:

I have some exciting projects for both elementary and high school music students. We'll see our way through it all, and we'll be excited to be together on the other end of it all :-)

Until then, stay healthy and safe.

Mr. Rue

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