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Hello Folks, Hello Summer!

What a school year for our music department. I set some high standards and goals for both the elementary and for the high school. My focus this year was on increasing the knowledge and abilities of our students singing. I wished for them to have a better understanding of their instrument... their voice. 

In many ways this might appear an easy task.... everyone sings don't they? But, how many of us understand what is actually happening? We've never seen our vocal chords, we don't understand how the soft pallet directs sound and we might not ever realize that our cheekbones are what makes our voice sound bigger.

So... I took it upon myself to educate very clearly how our singing voices work and how we can make our neck and face work for us in producing a stronger, clearer more tuneful singing voice. 

Listening to our young kids sing at the spring concert told me they understood and put it all into practice. Listening to the Jr. High and Varsity Choir the difference can be heard as well. You hear a more educated collection of singers. Musicians who better understand how to produce a controlled and balanced sound. 

There's more to do next year...but, this was my first step in getting all students in Lester Prairie to be better, more educated singers. It's a slow process, but oh so much fun to work toward and to hear.

Have a great summer!

Mr. Rue

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