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Hello everyone, Mr. Rue here.

It's 2019 and so much 'new' is happening. New year, new students, new plans, new goals, new growth. And, the music department is a part of all that.

As we work through our year, the LP Varsity Choir looks to return to the regional contest in the spring. Last winter's school cancelations cut into our rehearsal time. 'Shenandoa' will be our selection this year. We look forward to start rehearsing it in the fall... a wise choice given our Minnesota winters. 

The Jr. Choir is coming off a very strong performance at the spring concert last May. Queen's 'Somebody to Love' was the highlight performance of the night. Our soloists return, our musicians and all of our great middle school voices will bring new success and new joy to the department.

Our elementary music department has been the recipient of many wonderful additions over the past few years... new instruments, new curricula and... NEW RISERS! The young musicians were a poised and powerful group as they sang through the spring concert occuping a full 14 sections of risers. They all loved the comradery and spirit that came form being all together on stage at the same time. We look forward to in December.

What a great time to be a student, a teacher, and a musican at Lester Prairie Schools. We thank the town, the parents and the students for what has been a wonderful musical experience... and look ahead to another great year!

Mr. Rue

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