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Hello everyone, and happy summer.

I'm not going to go into how tough the year was... or how challenging it was to teach music while limiting singing... or how there were a host of games, activities and movement songs that kids did not get the chance to learn this year.... no.

I'll tell you a couple of GREAT things that came about BECAUSE of Covid!

Monster Mash.... this fall, right around Halloween, all of the elementary kids took 3 weeks to learn, play and sing the song "Monster Mash". And then.... WE MADE IT INTO A VIDEO!!! The kids LOVE to watch it. It was quite an accomplishment.... each grade learned a harmony portion on the Orff instruments. Each grade learned the chorus, each grade was in the video. If not for Covid... this little gem would not have been created.

Party Favor... Back in December, I was connecting from home with the high school students through Google Meet.... like we all were. But, I was also trying to put together a concert from vocal recordings students would send me from their own homes. Not an easy task. Then... in the middle of all these I was sent a recording from an 8th grader Mackenzie Helmbrecht. In such a short amount of time her voice developed into something absolutely fantastic. The kind of singer you want to hear singing.  As a result, she earned a small solo in one of our Holiday Songs as well as a full on solo with Ukulele player Alexandra Ernst for our Spring Concert. Her song.... "Party Favor". It's the result of making greatness out of difficult times.

Kids as Kids.... while we were distance learning during the winter months I was able to catch a glimpse of the kids as kids. Now, I know they're kids, but... when you see a 3rd grader sitting down during music class eating a Jacks pepperoni pizza, you start to understand that, though they come and go like students do at school... they also have a life at home that is loving, caring and in some ways... care free. It was good to see them in their environment... not just the school's

For these reasons, and several more, we learned what is possible during the impossible. Or, as Michael Jordan once said... "The greatest can only come from the worst starting point. It's the only way"

Thank you Lester Prairie for being there for us teachers through those middle months. Thank you parents and grandparents for taking care of these kids and taking us into your homes. 

It's not lost on this teacher.

Have a great summer.

Mr. Rue

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