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Hello everyone, and happy School Year!

It goes without saying that this is a very different start to the school year. COVID had changed so much. How is the vocal music department preparing for this? Well, let me answer that in two ways.

First, the music room has been arranged in such a way that the maximum amount of spacing has been established. In most cases it's a 6 foot distance between chairs. Our department is wanting musicians to enjoy their time together, yet we want to pay attention to the nature of what it means to sing. It starts with distancing. Because, yes... our music groups and elementary classes are large.

Secondly, learning is going to lean away from large group singing. When singing takes place it's going to be in smaller groups. When large group songs are going to be 'performed' it is going to be recorded in small groups as well, and then combined together to create a full choral sound. Elementary classes are going to implement an 'Orff' method of teaching. What is 'Orff'? It's music education based on rhythm and percussion instruments. I have the room set up for exactly this kind of instruction.

Inside of all this I will maintain the same over all goals as I always have.... I want kids to have fun, be safe, and learn more about music than they knew the day before.

So, let's start the year strong and finish the year smarter, stronger and happier than when we began.

Mr. Rue

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