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Is it 2018? Seriously?

Hello folks... well, over 20 years ago I started teaching here in Lester Prairie and it goes without saying that much has changed in 20 years. Many people choose to look at the level of change and have decided that it's not a good thing.  They might cite the change in our culture, the changes in our technology or the changes in 'kids today'. But I see all of these changes as positive. 

Since I started, our world has become more tolerant, more connected and more expressive. Change can be frightening for some, yes. But if change is embraced it can be very liberating, like fresh air. 

This year our vocal and classroom music departments will be opening up to the winds of change. Our youngest musicians will be introduced to dance and movement as we bring in the benefits of kinesthetic learning. Our choral students will be moving forward with some 'pop-culturally' cutting edge music. We might be a small school, but this music department will not let 'being progressive' slip us by. 

This is a year with big goals and big dreams. If the students can get on the band wagon we will find that, at the end of these nine month, 2018 will be a year each musician at Lester Prairie will remember.

Welcome back students! It's going to be a fun year!

Mr. Rue

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