The following documents represent areas of the World's Best Workforce, an MDE requirement for schools to report their progress with regards to students and staff of Minnesota Schools. Included in this page are:  District Goals, WBWF Report, Teacher Evaluation Model, and the Title One Literacy Plan.


Minnesota Report Card for Lester Prairie School District


 World's Best Workforce & State Reports File Type View File Download File
Teacher Development & Evaluation Plan (TDE) 2021-22
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2020-21 District Goals/Strategic Plan
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Safe Learning & Preparedness Plan Public Comment Summary
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Safe Learning & Preparedness Plan June 2021 Revision
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Nov. 2020 Annual WBWF Meeting Report to School Board
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Nov. 2020 WBWF Report
Nov. 2019 WBWF Report
Local Literacy Plan 2021-22
Local Literacy Plan 2019-20
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Title 2017-18 Plan
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Mission Statement
"To develop every learner to the learner's maximum potential, to succeed and continue to learn in a changing world."
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