Grade 1 Treasures High Frequency Words

Being able to recognize words by sight is very important for reading fluency and comprehension. Each week our reading series introduces a few new high frequency words. We call them "popcorn" words because they should just pop right into our head without having to sound them out!  Using the Speed Read papers in our Reading Briefcase is one fun way to practice!

Here are the popcorn words for May 23rd-27th:
There are no new words the last week of school. Be sure to read a LOT this summer so that many, many words are popcorn words for you!

Popcorn words from previous weeks:
jump, over, not
it, over, too
be, ride, run
come, down, good, pull
help, now, use, very
her, our, they, two
all, put, show, together, under, want
away, school, today, way, why
call, funny, how, more, there, so
every, soon, people, your, from, soon
any, water, does, friends, girl, by, boy
across, carry, eight, once, saw, upon, walked
about, give, pretty, says, were, write
better, buy, change, move
ball, head, never, should, shout
other, or, because, until, also, blue

great, know, sound, their, warm
against, below, fall, orange, sure, yellow

along, early, instead, nothing, thought
build, goes, laugh, only

been, before, gone, searching
around, brought, begin, minutes, straight

Kindergarten popcorn words were:
a, and, are
have, he, here, has
I, in, is
like, little, look
me, my
see, she, said
the, to, this
we, will, what, was, where, with




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