Grade 1 Spelling Words

Each week we have a list of spelling words that are part of our reading series. The words typically follow a phonics pattern that we are practicing in school. The list will be stapled inside your child's planner on the first day of the week, and the test will be the last day of the week. We hope that you can find fun ways to practice often at home!

Here are the words for May 23rd-27th: 
We don't have any new words but be sure to know our Star Spelling words (below) for a final test!

Challenge words:

These are the 30 Star Spelling words your child will need to spell correctly EVERY time they write them so the words should become very easy.  They are important because they are some of the most frequently used words in our language! 
the, of, and, a, in, to, is, you, that, you, for, he, it, I, on, was, as, his, with, at, be, they, are, from, this, by, have, or, one, had, not




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