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Little Learners Preschool is a non-profit organization formed in a joint effort between Community Education, ECFE, the Learning Readiness Program of Lester Prairie, and Public School District # 424. Little Learners Preschool serves the district of Lester Prairie, Winsted, and the surrounding communities. The program is designed to stimulate the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social needs of a child 3 - 5 years of age. It is the desire of the staff is to provide quality education at a minimal fee.

Little Learners Preschool is located within the Lester Prairie elementary school. We offer the choice of the following three day options: Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings or Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons. We also offer 2 days options: Monday, Wednesday mornings or Tuesday,Thursday mornings. Typically students who are going into Kindergarten the following year are in three day a week classes.


Session           Age                      Day                  Time For Little Learners

1. Two days    4 and 5       Monday, Wednesday                     8:20-10:50 AM

2. Three days 4 and 5      Monday, Wednesday, Friday          12:15-2:50 PM

3. Three day 4 and 5       Monday, Wednesday, Friday            8:20-10:50 AM

4. Two Days 3 and 4       Tuesday, Thursday                           8:20-10:50 A.M. 


Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year will be $90 per month (Sept. –May) for TWO days. The THREE day session will be $130 a month (Sept.-May). There may be scholarships available for families who qualify based on income. At the time of registration, a one time registration fee of $25 is required for all new (non-returning) students. You may also pay September’s tuition at that time; it MUST be paid by July 21, 2023 to continue reserving your child’s spot.

Your child’s spot will be reserved when we have received:

• Registration fee for first time student ($25)

• Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in Little Learners Preschool. We trust that your child will find Little Learners Preschool to be a rewarding experience. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at (320) 395 - 2521.


Helen Lester 


Contact: Helen Lester
Mission Statement
"To develop every learner to the learner's maximum potential, to succeed and continue to learn in a changing world."
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