Brochure with information about running for school board.
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School board service is one of the most important responsibilities a citizen can undertake. The board’s standards and decisions will affect a generation of students, your community, and society.

Governing on a public board is a challenging job with long hours and difficult decisions. However, it is rewarding to watch students succeed and lead productive lives as a result of the educational opportunities you helped create.

As a board member, your decisions must reflect what is best for all students and all citizens. This demands a strong commitment to serving other people.

If you are willing to devote your time and talents to meeting these challenges, then we applaud your decision to run for your local board. In addition to state-mandated financial training, Minnesota School Boards Association has a complete school board orientation series as well as advanced training and full board inservices. 

Mission Statement
"To develop every learner to the learner's maximum potential, to succeed and continue to learn in a changing world."
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