Construction Class Builds Sheds
Every spring semester, the Lester Prairie Construction class taught by Mr. Scoblic builds sheds. Four are built each year. All materials are purchased from RAM Buildings. One shed is donated to the Bulldog Bash with the other three being sold to the public. The sheds are 8’x12’ and delivered free of charge by the class. “We built a trailer in our Welding class and are able to deliver the sheds to the site” states Scoblic.

The students learn the various aspects of construction by power point presentations and then go directly out and use the knowledge just learned to build the sheds.

The class is divided into two crews. Each crew builds a shed. When completed, they turn around and build two more. “It is amazing how much faster the second two sheds get built” stated Scoblic. “If people are interested in a shed, we have custom built some. We have put windows and sun lights etc. in different ones. You just need to purchase the additional features ahead of time and we’ll put them in for you.”

This year we custom built one for Running’s in Hutchinson (See photo).

They are selling the spring green house items out of it.
We are now constructing the second two for anyone interested.

For additional information on the sheds, call Lester Prairie Schools at 395-2521 and ask for Joe Scoblic.

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