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Para Professional


  • Position Type:
      Para Professional
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
      K-12 Building
  • Para Professional Job Description – Lester Prairie School
  • Reinforces academic instructional subjects, concepts and lessons delivered by licensed instructional staff.
    Monitors, assesses and supervises student behaviors to ensure behavioral management consistent with any student IEP or to reinforce appropriate behavior and learning within the classroom or other settings.
    Meets with instructional staff to discuss student needs and student progress. Provides input and assists staff in identifying problems, concerns, issues and/or student progress.
    Provides students in small groups or on a one-on-one basis with general support, supervision and assistance on playgrounds, in the lunchroom, at assemblies, and on field trips.
    Assists instructional personnel in the preparation of classrooms, daily lesson plans and activities.
    Provides assistance to medically fragile students in all settings where the school district is responsible for student care.
    Assists students with their transferring, positioning and mobility needs as directed by the physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other special education or related services provider.
    Acts as a job coach under the supervision and direction of a licensed professional.
    Assists other district personnel in supervising students during recess/lunch periods, by performing student monitoring and supervision in lunchrooms, playgrounds, hallways, and in bus loading/unloading areas.
    Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required.
    Attends work regularly and punctually.
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Reading Enrichment Tutor - Minnesota Reading Corps
Date of Availability: 08/01/2019
Date Closing: Until filled
Position: Reading Enrichment Tutor - Minnesota Reading Corps
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