What is Title I?

Title I (Roman Numeral one!) is a federally funded program which provides money to help districts provide supplemental help to students in Reading and Math, especially in the low income schools in the nation.  Thus in districts with multiple schools, not all buildings may have a Title I program if there are varying levels of income among the schools.  It is an attempt to balance the help available to all children throughout the nation. Some schools with a high poverty level are classified as Schoolwide Programs, while others, like Lester Prairie, are considered Targeted Assistance Schools.  Schoolwide programs receive more funds and can service all of their children. 

We are always meant to supplement, not supplant, a student's regular classroom curriculum.  The Lester Prairie Title I program seeks to stay closely aligned with the classroom teacher's lesson plans, reviewing and reteaching skills that have been taught, using a wide variety of materials.  We utilize technology, such as a Smartboard, computers, and iPads, but also manipulatives, supplemental curriculums, games, and many hands-on materials.
The lessons focus on areas which have been identified by assessments, as skills that need to be strengthened.

The Title I Teacher does not give a grade to the students, but sends home test results and communicates with teachers and parents throughout the school year, and summer, via letters,  this website, and emails.


Mission Statement
"To develop every learner to the learner's maximum potential, to succeed and continue to learn in a changing world."
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