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              XtraMath       Math Textbook 
Reading and Authors
AR Testing Spelling City Scholastic Computer Lab
Internet 4 Classrooms Sheppard Software ABC Ya
Rhyme Zone Turtle Diary Knowledge Adventure
Newspaper Clip Generator Poetry 4 Kids Giggle Poetry
Destiny's Quest Free Rice - Vocabulary  
Social Studies
iCivics Earth Album State Symbols USA 
50 States National Geographic Kids
Kids Geo States and Capitals  Learning Geography Games
United States State game Conquer the States
Learn and Play the 50 States
Updated version of Carmen Sandiego NEW!!
3 branches
Checks and Balances game

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
US State Tourism Offices
Sumdog Virtual Manipulatives Sheppard Software
Khan Academy Math Fact Cafe Algebra (Function table)
Math Playground Illuminations Create a Graph
Manipulatives Ultimate Maths Math Pickle
Coordinates (5th Grade) Wizard Coordinates (5th Grade) Soccer Coordinates (5th Grade)
Coordinates (5th Grade) Coordinate Basketball (5th Grade) Coordinate Jeopardy (5th Grade)
Health and Science
Magic School Bus Astronomy for Kids Energy Hog Busters
The Space Place PlanetPals Rainforest Animals 
Kids Health Yucky Body NASA For Kids
Bitesize Fire Safety Preparations Energy Efficient Guide
  Fire Safety   
Fun Sites
Fun Brain Braingle I Spy
Learning Planet Wildlife Filmmaker Brain Games
Smarty Games Learning the Keyboard Typing Master
Hour of Code Dance Mat Keyboarding  
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