Summer Break
I hope you enjoy your summer break and time away from school. Enjoy the outdoors and the nice summer weather! I'll be sure to ask you what you did this summer when we get back in the fall, and if you caught any nice fish. Hopefully you can apply some of those math skills we learned this year too.

It also doesn't hurt to practice some of those math skills so you don't get rusty. Khan Academy is an excellent place to do so if not applying them in the real world.

Supplies for next year: Each student should have a 3-Ring Binder, Notebook or Loose Leaf Paper, Folder, Pencils, and a scientific calculator. Any scientific calculator will do such as the very popular TI-30XIIS

You do not need to purchase a graphing calculator. Graphing calculators are good investments if you plan to take future math classes at a post-secondary institution but they are not required.


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