Welcome to Geography/Careers/Economics.  This class will provide a basic understanding of the fields of Economics and Geography, in addition to covering a variety of methods for college and/or career exploration. The first semester will introduce both the human and physical fields of geography, and will be centered on the five main themes.  Students will learn about the various cultures, languages, governments, and religions that make up each region of study. Students will also be expected to know the location of every country in the world, as well as the main physical features in terms of map study.  We will explore each region’s unique cultural aspects as well as the global problems and issues that each region experiences and how we are all tied together in one global community.  Upon the completion of the Geography portion of the class, we will launch into a college and career exploration unit. Students will develop a plan for the future by exploring college or career training programs that interest them. The results of this exploration will be compiled into a binder that students will use as you move through high school. I will also utilize guest speakers to introduce different career options and college preparation and students will present future plans to the class as a culminating activity.  The third and final portion of this class will introduce the core principles of Economics, and we will also apply those principles in a real world setting.  Students will become aware of local and global economic issues and become better decision makers.  The general topics for this course include differing economic systems, supply and demand, market structure, business organization, personal finance, and international trade and impacts. 


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