Hybrid and Distance Online Learning 



The following will be expected of students when learning from home (Hybrid or Distance Learning).  Failure to comply will result in Unexcused Absences or 

Disciplinary Procedures.

  1. Students will have web cameras on during class, and the camera will be positioned so the student’s face is clearly visible.

  2. Students should be located in a productive learning environment, such as at a table or desk. 

  3. Ensure the lighting is adequate and do not have distracting backgrounds.

  4. Class time should be just that—Class time. Students should not be engaged in other activities, such as work, chores around the house, or recreation during class.

  5. Microphones should be muted unless the teacher asks students to unmute.

  6. Student’s sound should be on, so they are able to hear and respond to the teacher.

  7. Appropriate clothing should be worn. What you wear to school should be worn on camera. What you do not wear to school should not be worn on camera.

  8. Students should check their Google Classrooms prior to class for specific instructions.

  9. Students should be “Live” (on camera and connected to the class through Google Meets) at the beginning of class, and should remain “Live” until dismissed by the teacher.

  10. Students should check email frequently during the school day. When a teacher contacts you, respond promptly.

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