Lester Prairie Schools uses a variety of digital resources and tools to support student learning. We refer to these resources and tools as “Technology Providers,” as they are defined in statute. Our School District takes great pride in ensuring that student information and academic data is protected to the highest of standards. Our staff routinely evaluate providers utilized for

digital assessment, online testing, digital curriculum resources, and digital curriculum activities to ensure that contractual requirements ensure data privacy and safety.


As a part of our ongoing process to inform you of the safety and privacy of the data that is held by technology providers utilized by our district, we have contracted with Learn Platform to create a listing of the Technology Providers for your review. Included in this listing you will find the data elements that the resource stores and utilizes as well as the grade levels in which the resource is authorized for use.

The listing of these resources is contained in a unique link to Lester Prairie School District:[]=4346 


Please reach out to Marc Wawrzyniak by email at or phone 320-395-2521 ext. 1133 for additional questions regarding specific digital tools used in classrooms, or if you would like to arrange for an appointment to inspect any of our Technology Provider contracts.

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