Welcome Back!

The 2018-19 school year is days away and it's time to get excited about school.

Get excited about school?  Without a doubt!  This is my 17th year as teaching special education and like the students I used to say "the summer went too fast" but in time that phrase has become one of my biggest pet peeves.  As wonderful as the summer months are the fall is it's beautiful equal.

Responsibility is an item that students have a serious love-hate relationship with.  The idea of homework is something that students initially avoid but once the work is started the young mind finds it's grove and can accomplish anything.  A science experiment. A math test.  That new item built in tech ed, the history project, and the book that was read in the class of Miss Olson.  These are initially avoided responsibilities but the final results will always bring a giant smile to young faces.

And I don't know about you but the proud look on a student's face after work completion is one of the best sites to see anywhere!

It's that time once again.  Friends reunite, daily responsibility is resumed, and students spend each day growing with every new experience.  It's a change from the casual summer months but growth among friends is something our students secretly enjoy.

So where are the special education students of Mr James learning?  Our Resource Room is still located in the far northwest corner of the building which is where your young learners will grow daily, and it's also the location where our annual meetings will be held.

The Resource Room is in the same location but there are many changes that parents should be aware of. Here is a quick run through:
  • The 7th grade students will once again have Miss Olson but they also have Science with Mr. Bjork, History with Mr. Machemehl, Math with Mrs Smith, and Tech Ed with Mr. Scoblic.
  • Sixth graders are back in the elementary which is a good thing.  They will have recess, physical education and music on a daily basis, and will move back and forth between the pair of sixth grade teacher for the main core classes.
  • Many of our current 5th graders are in the class with Mrs Kraemer who was their teacher years back, and should be excited to have once again!
  • The fourth grade is growing up and with that growth comes a year with Miss Carmine.  You've heard about all the things that students have learned in her class.  Same can be said for Mrs Anderberg in third grade and for the Special Education students in the room of Mrs Brandel.
So once again, welcome back to school at Lester Prairie! We know on the outside you miss summer, but on the inside there is excitement in the souls of our students who can't wait to jump into school responsibilites.

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