It's September!

"See You In September" is the last communication we had over the past three months.  I hope it was a great three months of summer vacation!  Today is Thursday September 3rd and just 12 hours ago I saw most of you for the first time in three months.  It was so good to see everybody and while no hugs could be shared, it was such a great feeling to see all of you again.  

So, what's next?  Let's Chat on that......


Have a Wonderful Summer

As I have told so many of you, I am so proud of you for having such a wonderful school year.  Each day I get to work with 20 students at Lester Prairie and as I run through all 20 of you, I can't think of even one that hasn't made some solid or outstanding progress in the past nine months.  Even during distance learning most of you stepped up and did a wonderful job. 

I am proud of all of you. 

So relax, have fun this summer, and we will see you in September! 

Five Weeks to Go!  

Don't want to get out of bed right now, just know we only have five weeks of school left this year.  That's it!  It may be 2 weeks of distance learning and 3 weeks here, 5 weeks of distance learning, or some other combo, but it's only five weeks.  You can do it!  Get pumped up with my latest video that may when a Video Spedie!


Check out the latest video from RJ Productions, what grade do all the parents and kids get for their Distance Learning efforts after two weeks??? Find out now!

Update April 6

Week 2 starts now!  Week one went very well and I am proud of the effort that both parents and students have put forth in getting this work done.  It's not easy doing all of this in the home enviroment but soon it will become more normal to you.  Here is my video to kick off the week!  I am proud of all of you!

Update April 1

Good morning!  Day 3 of Distance Learning

Update March 30

Day 1 of Distance Learning starts today.  There will be some hiccups so stay in contact with us so we can iron out any difficulties that we may come across.  Remember my number is 320 395 3014 at school and my email is , contact me from 9am to 11:30am, and noon to 3.  Watch the morning intro video below!

Update March 27th

Good morning Lester Prairie!!!!!!  Hope everybody is doing really well in this time being at home without families.  Please stay active, but most importantly stay safe. 

We start Distance Learning on Monday and we couldn't be more excited here in room 175.  Specifically me because I am in this room trying to play word games, fact challenges, and other things with Mr Robot and he won't say a word.  Therefore I can't wait to see your faces (or at least hear your voices) when we begin Distance Learning on Monday!  Everybody has been scheduled for times so I look forward to talking with all of you in three days!

Below is a video of Mr Robot and I trying to accomplish tasks, it's simply not as fun (disclaimer - this is not proper English coming out of my mouth, it's super excited words coming out of my mouth!) Enjoy!

Update March 26th

First off, we are looking forward to seeing everybody for distance learning next Monday.  Second, I truly miss all of you kids.  When we hit summer time I run out of this building in joy like it was 1992 and I was in middle school again.  But something truly feels unfinished right now therefore I miss you kids!  We have so much to accomplish still.  Therefore everybody on the staff wanted to say.... HELLO!  (Hit the link below)

Also, Mr Rue and I would like you to WASH YOUR HANDS!

It's almost the weekend so I wanted to take this time to say hello to everybody and also give you a quick preparation for what's next!   LISTEN TO THE VIDEO BELOW

Special Education Update (March 18)

Hello Lester Prairie Special Education Parents!

Let me start off by offering my best to you in this uncertain time.  We all share in the uncertainty of the world right now, and we are all dealing with challenges.  Please hold judgment with fellow citizens as there will be differing levels of concern.  We as a nation, and as a world will get through this by working with one another. 

Speaking of working with one another today is Wednesday, March 18th.  To my fellow Irishmen I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day, and to all that celebrated, Slainte! 

The staff at Lester Prairie is currently working hard at school preparing for E-Learning and Distance Learning for all students if we enter April without being able to meet in school.  It will be a challenge and may not always be as smooth as everyone would like but in three hours we have already made exciting progress that I think the students and staff will enjoy.

Today we have practiced Google Meet (a program that goes through the student's school gmail - they all have one - and allows the staff to connect with the students through video conferencing) and Talk-A-Tone which is a way for students to contact teachers through cell phones.  I also have a phone in my room I will use to contact students and parents. 

Soon I will be in contact with all special eduction parents to talk about the best ways to connect with kids if we are not able to return to school.  We are in the beginning stages of setting up E-Learning and Distance Learning, and it's going really well.

Stay Tuned!  And Stay Safe! Brighter days are coming!

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