3rd & 4th Grade PE Distance Learning


Physical Education:


Please read through the following step by step instructions.

  1. Perform the daily warm-up with the link provided below.  

  1. After completing the daily warm-up you may work on your home activity for the day which is listed below.

  1. You may complete your PE Activity Checklist at any time throughout the day. We would like you to complete 2 per day. 


*** Have Fun, be creative, include someone else in your house and thanks for taking the time each day to take care of your body!! ***


Week 8

Friday  5/22/2020

Concept of Focus

Choice Review Week of Activities we have done during Distance Learning!

Warm-up (Choice)
pick 1

Hokey Pokey
Just Dance (One Direction)
Chicken Dance
Just Dance (YMCA)
Just Dance (What Does the Fox Say?)

Home Activity

 *** 10 Minutes ***

Choice Week

Pick a skill to work on!

- Throwing
*created game

- Frisbee
*catching & throwing

- Basketball
* Dribbling Skills
* Form Shooting
* Shooting games

Invisible Dumbbell Challenge Card

Deck of Fitness

Today you get to choice from things we have done during distance learning!


Deck of Fitness

Deck of Fitness Demo

Invisible Dumbbell Challenge Card


Throwing - You make create a game that works on these skills.

Demonstrations                                                                                   Activity
Overhand Throw
Underhand Throw
Underhand Throw


Ball-Handling Drills with Demos


Intro to Frisbee

*** Alligator Snap ***
*** Crab Claws ***

Practice throwing and catching a Frisbee

Disc Golf or Create your own Frisbee Game!


PE Activity Checklist

PE Activity Checklist





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